LED Lamps

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vootu LED Commercial Grade lamps. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH LOWER QUALITY PRODUCTS FOUND IN BIG BOX STORES.  A19 LED Lamps replace CFL Lamps. See the electric bill drop while the brightness increases! The BR series flood lamps feature a remarkable combination of bright, wide flood light, high color rendering and quiet dimming. In addition, the BR series lamps are incredibly efficient, last longer than cheap LED bulbs and provide up to 80% energy savings. Replace your old flood lamps and upgrade to a more modern look with the PAR LED lamps. Highest Quality & Reliability LED lamps from vootu. Largest range of LED Products in stock today! Eliminate the middleman and reduce the risk by working direct with the manufacturer. Designed and engineered in the USA. Questions? Call Trevor today at 727-314-8656. Learn more about vootu at http://vootu.com.